HCCA - New Families

 The Benefits of HCCA for Students and Families

  • Strong Parental Involvement - ensuring that the students continue to benefit from their parents’ influence in the formative years.
  • Character and Spiritual Development - Christian principals are inter-weaved into class time, weekly chapel and social service activities.
  • Individualization- one of the benefits of an elementary UM school is that students are allowed to move up or down one grade level in a given subject based on their ability. 
  • Small Class Sizes - allowing for personal attention from the teacher.
  • Social Interaction - as students form wonderful friendships with their fellow classmates.
  • Flexible Lifestyle - home education affords incredible opportunities for spontaneity in family life.
  • Lesson Plans and Grading - the burden of writing lesson plans, grading assignments, and preparing report cards is completely removed from the parent, as these are part of the services that HCCA provides.
  • Field trips, Social Service Activities, and elective classes - Every month we alternate between either a field trip or social service activity within the community. Elective classes are part of the school day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Subjects Offered:

  • Reading
  • Grammar & Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Heritage Studies 
  • Spelling
  • Bible/Character Studies
  • Elective

 Class Schedule:

  • Monday = Home days all students
  • Tuesday = On-campus instruction all students
  • Wednesday = Home day K-2nd grade, on-campus instruction 3rd - 8th grade
  • Thursday = On-campus instruction
  • Fridays = Home day, field trip, social service activity,  or Friday Morning Club/Eagles' Explore Day 

Parent Responsibilities

1. Must be familiar and in agreement with HCCA's purposes and policies, and abide by HCCA's rules and regulations.

2. Must agree to release enough responsibility to HCCA concerning curriculum, course load,  classroom instruction, and pace.

3. Purchase required home curriculum material.

4. Must be committed to provide partnership instruction on the home days and not change the assignments.

5. Provide your child's snack and lunch on school days.

6. Commit to attend trainings and meetings.  

7. Commit to volunteer a minimum of four hours per semester.

8. To best protect our students and the school, HCCA requires a sexual offender background check for all adults that will be spending time at the school.  

**For a detailed list of parent responsibilities, please see page nine of our Parent-Student Handbook.


HCCA believes a heart for serving is essential in a Christian’s life development. It is our desire to provide opportunities for all students and their families to serve locally.  Social service activities will be scheduled and may include:

  • Service men and women  
  • Durango Community Shelter
  • Sunshine Gardens 
  • TAMBO Program
  • Manna Soup Kitchen

Field trips add to the joy of learning.  HCCA provides a variety of field trips throughout the year.  Examples include:

  • Durango Nature Studies
  • Mesa Verde
  • Durango Discovery Museum
  • Bolack Farms
  • Anasazi Heritage Center