HCCA - New Families

The Benefits of HCCA for Students and Families

  • Strong Parental Involvement - ensuring that the students continue to benefit from their parents’ influence in the formative years.

  • Character and Spiritual Development - Christian principals are inter-weaved into class time, weekly chapel and social service activities.

  • Individualization- one of the benefits at HCCA is that students are allowed to move up or down one grade level in a given subject based on their ability. 

  • Small Class Sizes - allowing for personal attention from the teacher.

  • Social Interaction - as students form wonderful friendships with their fellow classmates.

  • Flexible Lifestyle - home education affords incredible opportunities for spontaneity in family life.

  • Lesson Plans and Grading - the burden of writing lesson plans, grading assignments, and preparing report cards is completely removed from the parent, as these are part of the services that HCCA provides.

  • Field trips, Social Service Activities, and elective classes - Every month we alternate between either a field trip or social service activity within the community. Elective classes are part of the school day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • **For a detailed list of parent responsibilities, please see page seven of our Parent-Student Handbook..

Words From Our Parents

 The Puls Family

"My son is currently in Kindergarten at HOPE and I could not be more happy and pleased with this school. It has given so much life to our family and I have watched my 6 year old blossom and grow. My husband and I knew from the beginning that public school would not be the best fit for us. We also knew that with my son being an only child, some form of school would be really good for him. We wanted him to be able to make friends, have structure, and experience receiving instructions from others, not just Mom and Dad.  We found all those things in HOPE. I get to be in touch with what he’s learning because I teach him three days a week. I get a real understanding on how he’s doing with his reading, math and writing because I see it first hand. I also have a teacher, who has a TRUE passion for the kids, involved and teaching him. She sees and knows my son, watches for both his growth and seeing areas he might be struggling. It’s a partnership and I know that I not only have his teacher wanting the best for him but I have an entire school that is there for him and all the kids. We also chose and love HOPE for their Mission statement. It is an environment that is truly working to serve Christ, to educate and to empower families. My son hears about Jesus every school day in Chapel and he’s being taught scripture. There is so much comfort as a parent to be able to hand your child off to others and walk away knowing he’s being cared for and loved on. HOPE has been an answer to prayer for my family and I can’t wait to watch him grow up in this school."

The Pargin Family

We have been at HCCA for 9 years now.  Our eldest daughter Grace started kindergarten here and she will graduate from the 8th grade this May, 2020. Our sons,  Charley and Hendrik, are in the 7th grade and kindergarten. This school is such a blessing in our lives. The education is very high quality, but even more so than that,  is the focus on the whole child. Not just that they learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, but that they also learn to look for the child left out on the playground and reach out to them.  They learn about respect for others, and faith in God, and are held accountable to the actions that follow that teaching.

When you are part of something this great, all you can say to people thinking about joining the school is to come and see for yourself...experience it.  We really think you will find a home here. We sure have!

The Witt Family

Our kids have matured spiritually, academically, and mentally.  They have grown closer to God & developed Godly friendships we hope will last a lifetime.  Hope has been an incredible blessing to our family.

"Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it."

Proverbs 22:6

 The Brann Family

Our kids have been at HCCA since kindergarten. We have enjoyed playing a part in their education and will never forget the time we've had with them.

We chose HCCA because of the people that were already a part of the school and because we wanted to be involved in our children's education.  I couldn't have done any of this without the amazing teachers , staff, and the other families. The lessons are planned for me,  my kids have accountability not just to me but to their classroom teacher, and I have support.  There is a family that has been formed within HCCA.  Not only are the teachers and staff there for our children, but each and every family that attends is as well. 

The time at HCCA will impact the rest of their lives and we are so thankful for this opportunity.