Adopt-a-Student at HCCA

What is Adopt-a-Student?

A Chance to Change a Life

HCCA is dedicated to providing a high quality, values-based education where students learn to respect themselves and others.  However, many famlies in our community who want a brighter, faith-filled future for their child can't afford the benefit of a private Christian education. 

Our families place a high priority on their child being well prepared for higher education, while maintaining their spiritual growth.  The unique blend of traditional schooling with home schooling in the University-ModelĀ® that HCCA follows allows our families to strengthen their God-ordained famliy relationship while giving their child the opportunity to achieve a high degree of academic excellence.

Recipients of our Adopt-a-Student program have taken a step of faith to enroll their child in HCCA, but have significant financial needs.  Often, these are hard working parents who only want the best for their children.  Your generous gift can help make the dream of a Christian education a reality for children in need in our area. 

A Sound Investment

A study conducted by the Barna Group found that a majority of young people come to a decision of faith by 13 years old.  The data shows that people from the ages of 5-13 have a 32% probabilty of accepting Christ as their savior compared to only a 6% probability of adults doing so.  Therefore, this type of schooling is vitally important.  By giving a child the opportunity of a Christian education, you are investing not only in them personally, but also in the future leaders of our churches, communities, and the world.

Make the Investment of a Lifetime...Today

  • Programs in our school develop the "total" person - spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and morally.
  • The students attend weekly chapel services and the integration of faith and values is incorporated throughout all curriculum areas.
  • The students are involved in a variety of social service activities and field trips.

Live the Gospel and give a deserving student an opportunity through an education in HCCA by becoming an Adopt-a-Student benefactor today!  Donors are allowed to give on any level to a specific student or to a child that the school board decides is most in need, and 100% of your gift goes towards the student's tuition .  Remember your gift is 100% tax deductible.

How to Become an Adopt-a-Student Benefactor

For additional information or questions, please call 970-563-0692.  If you have come to the decision of making a life-changing contribution to a HCCA family, please download, fill out, and return the following form: Adopt-a-Student Form.