About HCCA

HCCA is a non-denominational school dedicated to strengthening families and providing top-notch education for our students. We offer Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Carefully selected, certified teachers provide classroom instruction and planning. Two or three days per week, depending on grade level, these teachers instruct the students in a traditional classroom setting. On alternate days, parents follow teacher-planned lessons at home with their children, acting as private tutors. This model has proven time and again to be the "Best Of Both worlds".

Enrichment activities are also provided which include engaging field trips, local social sercive activities, and elective classes.

Who We Are

Purpose: We exist to glorify God, providing hope for the future, developing Christ-Like leaders by partnering with families in Christian Education (Phil. 2:12-16)

Mission: Serving Christ, Educating Children, and Empowering Families (Deut. 6)

Vision: We want to see everyone we serve walking in the Truth and accomplishing their full potential in Christ (3 John 2:4)

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