Donor Opportunity

In 2022, HCCA embarked on a journey into a world of unknown and uncertainty.  The building that HCCA has been in for the last 8 years was no longer going to be an option.  
Immediately the Board, administration, teachers, and a group of parents set out to find a new permanent home for the school.  A home that belonged to HCCA.  Prayer meeting were held to specifically ask God to provide.  Many different buildings and parcels of land were researched, but every avenue eventually hit a roadblock.  The reason for these roadblocks was because God had the perfect spot already picked out, Pine Valley Church in Bayfield.  The Church has offered up a portion of their land and after understanding the land use and permitting process in Bayfield, it became evident that was where God wanted HCCA.  Then came the complication of putting a school on the land, and once again God provided in an amazing way His perfect timing.  The school buildings that once housed Animas High School had become available and were ours if we wanted them.  
Now comes the hard part.  We have the land and the buildings.  Now we need to get the buildings and all the needed infrastructure on the land and turn the pieces of the puzzle into a beautiful school campus.  This is where the community part of Hope Community Christian Academy comes in.  HCCA has been very blessed by the donation of the land and minimal investment into the buildings, but with the current economy construction costs are at a premium.  HCCA is asking the members of our community to join us in our Capital Campaign "THE TREE OF HOPE."  Will you prayerfully consider how you can assist HCCA in this mission.  By joining our campaign you will be investing in the future of our students and families that are making an investment in their children's education.
Please follow this link for a short presentation.
Please follow this link forour Capital Campaign Gift Agreement if you feel led to donate.
To maintain our low fees, fundraising is an ongoing part of the HCCA experience.  A parent being at home with their child is a foundational value of our school's philosophy, and therefore, the financial structure of our school is based largely on fees from single income families.  In order to keep fees affordable for our families and still deliver an excellent education, our school MUST rely on fundraising and donations to remain financially sound.  

Thank you!

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