We exist to glorify God, providing hope for the future, developing Christ-like leaders by partnering with families in Christian education (Phil. 2:12-16).

HCCA is a non-denominational school dedicated to strengthening families and providing top-notch education for our students.  We offer Pre-K through 8th grade.  Carefully selected teachers provide classroom instruction and planning.  Two or three days per week, depending on grade level, these teachers instruct students in a traditional classroom setting.  On alternate days, parents follow teacher-planned lessons at home with their children, acting as private tutors.  This model has proven time and again to be the "best of both worlds."  

Social Service Activities

HCCA believes a heart for serving is essential in a Christian’s life development.  It is our desire to provide opportunities for all students and their families to serve locally.  Each year we have four social service activities. 

Field Trips

Field trips add to the joy of learning.  We will have two teacher-planned field trips each year, one per semester.

Eagle Explore Days

Eagle Explore Day (EED) days are scheduled one Friday of each month.  These days are parent planned and led.  Collaboration with other families is welcomed and encouraged.

Elective Classes

Even though we are small, we still like to offer elective classes.  In the past we have done computers, art, PE, drama.

History Day

On a rotating schedule we introduce the students to History Day and Mad Scientist day.  For History Day the middle school students spend some time doing in depth research on their choice of people, events, or inventions throughout history.  There are multiple project options following the research period.  Top projects are able to move onto a state competition!

Younger grades do age appropriate projects like family history or integrating books on historical figures into their daily reading.  They have the opportunity to observe the middle school projects and look forward to when they get to do one! 


Every other year we hold a Mad Scientist Day where students get to have fun with science.  This day includes lots of experiments, guest speakers, and lots of projects.  For the middle school students, this is their local science fair.  We have volunteers from the community to come in and judge the projects.  The students will go on to participate in regional science fair and hopefully State!